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Tips for Successful Wine Tasting

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Beautiful weekend weather is forecasted, and you’ve organized a trip to the winery with family and friends. Wine tasting is on the agenda, and you are looking forward to friendly banter with your group about the diverse qualities of various wines. Whether your knowledge of wine is vast or you are only beginning, it’s always […]

While our grape vines gently sleep…

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We’re busy pruning and getting the grape vines prim and proper while they rest in their dormancy during the winter. In the meantime, we’re serving up a wide array of great wines from seasons past. We’re continually getting new wines in stock so make sure you stop by soon to try them out! It’s a […]


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A French-American hybrid grape popular for making wine, Chambourcin was first produced in 1963 by Joannes Seyve, a member of a family known for its development of other wine making grapes. It was popular in the 1970s in the Bordeaux and Loire Valley French regions and is still a popular alternative to red wine in […]

Missouri Wine Varietals

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In Missouri, there are only a few hardy grapes capable of growing in the varying weather conditions of the state. Several strains have been developed and cultivated over the last one hundred years that thrive in the dramatic climate. When visiting Missouri Wine Country, check out these extraordinary grapes and the wines they produce. Chancellor […]

Catawaba Grape

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Catawba grapes were introduced to the wine industry in the early 1800s after being found in North Carolina along the Catawba River. Viticulturalist Major John Adlum cultivated these large firm grapes, which primarily grow on the East Coast. Catawba grapes are fresh, crisp purplish-red grapes generally found in season from September to November. With a […]

Common Wine Terminology

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For a handy guide to wine terms, check out this comprehensive list below: Acidity A taste in wine that is tart, while giving off a flavor of vitality and crispness. American Viticultural Area Also known by the acronym AVA, this set of United States laws regulates the use of location names on labels. Appellation Known […]

The Norton Grape

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The Norton grape, the oldest known cultivated American grape, is the official grape of the state of Missouri. While some call Norton by another name, Cynthiana, debate exists as to whether they are identical, with one side of the debate claiming that Cynthiana is a mutation of Norton. Cynthiana/Norton is Missouri’s best-known grape, and it […]

Missouri Vineyards – A History

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The wine industry is thriving in the State of Missouri, which boasts almost one hundred wineries and four regions that have been classified as American Vitacultural Areas by the federal government. These regions were established hundreds of years ago by settlers who discovered that the soil and climate in Missouri were perfect for growing several […]

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