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Raspberry & Blackberry Wine

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Treat yourself to these wonderful new wines at Weingarten Vineyard! The Raspberry and Blackberry wines are made from our very own berry patches grown on the vineyard.  These wines are sure to please those wine drinkers looking for a great sweet berry wine!!!

Cynthiana Grape

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There are very few grape varieties that make enough natural sugar needed to produce a traditional dry wine. There is one grape species, however, out of two dozen native to North America proven to produce award winning wines. This grape is known as Norton or its scientific name vitis aestivalis. It has been quite popular […]

Seyval Blanc

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Seyval Blanc is a dry hybrid white wine with a crisp citrus fruit flavor. Vineyards for this wine are mostly located in England with a few in the Finger Lakes area of upstate New York. The cool climate of these regions is conducive for wine production since the grapes are famous for their resistance to […]


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A French-American hybrid grape popular for making wine, Chambourcin was first produced in 1963 by Joannes Seyve, a member of a family known for its development of other wine making grapes. It was popular in the 1970s in the Bordeaux and Loire Valley French regions and is still a popular alternative to red wine in […]

Catawaba Grape

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Catawba grapes were introduced to the wine industry in the early 1800s after being found in North Carolina along the Catawba River. Viticulturalist Major John Adlum cultivated these large firm grapes, which primarily grow on the East Coast. Catawba grapes are fresh, crisp purplish-red grapes generally found in season from September to November. With a […]

Vivant Wine Grape

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Vivant is a wine grape that is similar to the Chardonnay and the Riesling grape. While it is grown in areas such as a New York and Ontario, Missouri is also a know producer of the wine grape. It is typically made into a semi-dry/sweet, white varietal wine.

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